The Malibu Mission is one of Dedication to providing Humanitarian Assistance efforts through our activities such as helping children, single mothers, seniors, those with disabilities, victims of violence, and other individuals who are living in despair or dire poverty.

Our aim is in helping people grow into more healthy, educated, honest, hardworking and self-reliant, proud and honorable individuals. This is accomplished by providing these children and other individuals with programs, benefits and services that help to meet their everyday needs in order to enhance their lives with human dignity and raise their physical and educational levels in a truly meaningful and lasting way. We have dedicated our work in these specific areas:

Food Programs


The Vision of The Malibu Mission is to create possibilities and to improve the lives of the less fortunate and underprivileged children and adults in poor communities by educating and empowering them through the power of education and to build their self-esteem by encouraging improving their lives.

For one such effort, The Malibu Mission supports environmental educational awareness and livelihood programs through nature centers: Specifically, coastal areas in the Philippines, designated as shoreline marine and rain forest sanctuaries, which provides real world opportunities’ to experience Native eco-systems in their original natural environment, as they allow opportunities to help provide assistance via the efforts we support.. We organize and sponsor work exchange programs which promote:

Conservation of Banaue Rice Terraces
Bamboo Re-forestation
Beach and marine ecosystem clean up
Artificial Reef Re-forestation
The development of environmental educational programs for schools
Preservation of the diverse natural habitat

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